stats – 9.11.17

note: it feels like a slippery slope to start tracking my weight and my inches as public accountability, because this is about my journey, not my destination. i’m not doing this for vanity, i’m doing it for health. but at the same time, i am goal-oriented, and the best way to indicate progress is by tracking my measurements.

so, to preface this stake in the ground, this is strictly for data capturing and processing. it’s to help inform my impression of how the ketogenic lifestyle is contributing to my health, by reducing my overall weight and inches, improving my energy, and naturally balancing my hormones. i’m excited about what a lchf life can do to further empower my body.

also just for the record i don’t believe in “before” pictures. as if the only benefit my body has to offer today is to represent rock bottom? today this is the best possible body i could have. tomorrow will be a new body and a new best. i care about my weight and my inches because of what they mean as health indicators, but my aesthetics are not up for examination or criticism.

weight: 225.9 lb

neck: 14.5 in

waist: 38.5 in

belly/hips: 50 in

upper thigh: 28 in

upper arm: 15 in

total inches: 146

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